Regeneration treatments
These treatments are used to treat the consequences of periodontal disease, where the gingival retraction and the bone is reabsorbed.

We perform microsurgery thanks to the use of dental microscope and high quality materials that allow us to recover more than 80% of what was lost. Sometimes it is necessary to remove a piece of palate and in others to add biomaterials, both collaborate in give the patient back the dental support as well as a good smile.

The fibrin-rich plasma is obtained from the patient's own blood, is processed in a centrifuge and in that same session is placed where surgery requires it.

Cuando es necesario sacar un diente para que no se reabsorba el hueso y la encía, es imprescindible realizar un relleno del hueso y a veces colocar una membrana colágena.

At other times the tooth is removed and an implant is placed and may require the addition of missing bone and gum.

Finally the regeneration includes the filling of the maxillary sinus, cavity that is located inside the upper jaw and whose filling allows the placement of implants.
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