SPECIALITIES: Implantology
The big difference between an implant and a teeth is the presence of the periodonto, the tissue that joins the teeth with the bone, providing elasticity, sensibility and nutrition. The implant joins directly with the bone.
Thanks to implantology tooth do not wear down making complete protesis to be support completely as if they were fixed.
The lost teeth is replace for the implant and after its integration, which varies from 4, 6, or 12 months, it is loaded with the dental crown. Academic investigation provides a 95% of predictivity through time.

Mucositis and Perimplantitis

The perimplantitis is a disease that affects the tissues that surrounds the implant. It could be a gum inflammation, which is known as Mucositis or Perimplantitis, when it is extended to the bone.
Its origin is mainly bacterian and traumatic and its treatment consists of disinfecting the implant surface. It may require surgical treatment to regenerate the lost area.
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