The easiest and more economic method to avoid dental disease is the dental care performed by the patient and the semestral control on a dental clinic.
The patient prevents with the use of the therapeutic brush, of interdental elements and the use of a suitable antiseptic.The professional prevents cleaning the areas above and below the gum and polishing the retaining surfaces, plus the application of fluoride.

To prevent caries, there are four daily moments of ingestion, the brushing and the use of interdentals once a day, plus the consumption of fluoruros in dental paste, gels and colutorios.
In-office maintenance, plus prescription daily hygiene and quarterly control, is critical for patients with gum problems. Not all collutorios are indicated for all patients, see as needed.

Preventive and conservative or minimally invasive dentistry means treating the tooth "by getting as little as possible out", this is achieved by working the tooth under a microscope to more magnification and the laser to use less lathe.

Change brush every three months.
Have professional assistance every six months.

With microscope observation of the tooth anatomy from least to largest magnification, see how the grooves appear where cavities begin.
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